Administrative Church Council

Administrative Church Council

The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church states that the church council is the executive agency of the charge conference. Meaning that between meetings of the charge conference the church council is the group of leaders who guide the church and further the ministry of the congregation. The Council exist to create and supervise the strategic plan for an effective congregation. The Council as a group should reflect the character and population of the congregation. The decisions made by the council will shape the future and demonstrate for everyone how God's kingdom comes in our immediate community.

The work of the Council is to envision, plan, implement and annually evaluate the congregation's ministry and mission. Three implications that guide the work of the Council are: 1) the Council must hold a broad view or "big picture" of the future of the congregation; which is its vision and how the congregation will live into the mission of the United Methodist Church; 2) the leadership group manages and administers the on-going life of the congregation. The Council will accomplish this by overseeing and coordinating ministry with other groups including the trustee, finance committee, SPRC, outreach initiatives, etc. and 3) the Council will schedule and seriously evaluate the congregation's ministry. The church must on an ongoing basis develop ministries that operate effectively to help people grow in their faith and live as disciples in the world.

The Council meets quarterly, usually on the second Saturday of the month at 9:00AM. Additional meetings are scheduled as necessary.

Chairperson, Administrative Council
E. Toni Mountain

Melva Cogdelo
Finance Committee, Chairperson

Nathan Rahming
Board of Trustees, Chairperson
Marian Smith
Board of Trustees, Co-Chairperson

Joyce Reid
SPRC, Chairperson

H. Leight Toney
Lay Leadder

Francenia Scott
Conference lay Leader