An inclusive, committed congregation of change agents for justice and equality, empowered to transform the community.

Fourth Sunday of Each Month, Celebrate Jesus Follow Up
Activities include: food service, door to door visitation, prayers and flyer distribution.

Ebeneezer's Summer Bazaar!
Saturday, August 18th, 2018 - 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Pre-registration begins July 1st - August 8th
Yard Sale (vendors welcome), Car Wash ($10), Tasty Food (vendors welcome), Book Bag & School Supplies (Sponsored by Cedric McMinn).
For vendor information contact Gregory Robinson (786) 356-5710
Download Flyer form our Online Library.

thank you
1. Our sincere thanks to Rev. Rodotfo Casasayas for providing the Pastor's Corner for this issue. We thank his wife, Isabella Corona, for the photo and for bridging communications.

2. Muchas gracias Minister Eddie Mercado and Miliany Mercado for assistance in securing and translating text.

3. Thanks go to Charles Dunbar for resolving formatting issues and to Vannie D. Barr-Fisher for "Laugh-a-Lot" cleverness.

4. Thanks to Wittiam O. Francis and Camilla Ponder for office printer tutorials.

5. Thanks to Pastor Capers and the A.M. Bible Class for signing Christmas cards for imprisoned members. Much thanks to Willie Mae Gibson for providing 2015 calendar booklets for them. More thanks to Jackie Burroughs, Carolyn Colbrook, Hortence Collier, Gwenada Fox and Esther Thomas for sending cards and letters to them.