Stewardess/Steward Board

Stewardess/Steward Board


The Stewardess/Steward board exist to serve the Pastor, and is always under his direction.

The nature of the Board's work make this auxiliary peculiarly the right arm of the minister. All members chosen should be women and men who have an understanding and appreciation of the meaning of congregational worship or at least an inner urge to cultivate interest.

The work of the Board is a sacred trust, and calls for women and men who are consecrated to the task, and who are willing to place the love for Christ above personal feelings. It calls for women and men who are willing to work in the background, without recognition of praise from the congregation, for the most successful among its members is the one who is most self-effacing and inconspicuous in his or her work.

Should there be a constant difference of opinion between the Pastor and a member of the Stewardess/Steward Board, the member should conform to the minister's wishes or resign from the Board.   

Ms. Esther Thomas

Mr. William O. Francis