Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness
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Health and Welfare Ministry: Celestine McCrae, Chairperson
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The Health and Welfare Ministry offers services and programs that address the physical and emotional health of our members and the surrounding community. This is a very exciting ministry in the life of Ebenezer United Methodist Church as over the past several years the Health and Wellness Ministry has provided needed health information and services that educate the mind, nourishes the soul, provides support to others, and exercises the physical body as follows:

Health Education
In recognition of the fact that the health status of Blacks in Miami Dade County is lower than that of any other racial or ethnic group, as validated by the National Health Institute, information about the symptoms and treatment of various diseases are provided to the congregation on an on-going basis. For example, pamphlets about cancer, diabetes, stoke, obesity, HIV/AIDS and cardiovascular disease are made available in both English and Spanish. Medical professionals and nutritional speakers have made presentations to the congregation. Once of which included a taste test of healthy food alternatives.

Christian Counseling Services
Counseling is available to anyone who makes such a request and is provided by licensed professionals. One of the highlights this year was holding a 'Blue Christmas' Sunday school hour for those persons who had experienced a loss and were not feeling so jolly during the holidays. This service was well-attended and through the Holy Spirit gave comfort and support to members of our congregation. The goal for this year is to expand these services by creating a counseling center at the church which will provide services for the congregation and community.